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Carmel’s story

"Hello, I'm am the Green Frog and your course guide. 


I learned mindfulness, compassion and meditation practices in a formal sense to help with a stressful work situation many years ago.


I discovered a peace and calmness that increasingly helped me cope with anxious and difficult moments, and this continues to help me as we are increasingly challenged in a rapidly changing environment and world."

This is why I’ve trained extensively to ensure that I am teaching the best researched mindfulness, compassion and other meditation-based courses with the best evidence-based researched outcomes; such as MSC and CCT. I also consult to businesses and coach executives who want to develop profound service-focused cultures that also look out kindly for all their stakeholders, including internal and external customers, society generally, flora and fauna, and the Earth.


Experience and qualifications

Carmel spends her time at Forest Farm teaching and guiding clients in mindfulness, meditation and compassion and forest bathing walks, and is part of the Forest Farm forest regeneration team. Previously, Carmel worked as a university lecturer and researcher, spending two decades teaching kinder and more ethical approaches to doing business, especially in the area of employee and customer focus, frequently incorporating mindfulness and compassion practices into her work and teaching. 


A life-long learner and educator, Carmel’s list of formal qualifications include:

  • PhD

  • Accredited coach (life and business)

  • Accredited Mindful Self-Compassion teacher

  • Accredited Compassion Cultivation Teacher

  • Accredited Mindful Meditation Teacher

  • Accredited ANFT Forest Therapy Guide

  • B.Bus (Hons 1)

  • Dip Teach

  • Trained Business Model Canvas Facilitator

Carmel is a classically trained musician, holding high level music performance (AMusA) and teaching (LTCL) qualifications for piano. She believes playing a musical instrument (that includes voice) is a particularly special form of mindfulness, as is engaging in any art form.

Having trained with Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi in Kathmandu, Carmel is certified in Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and Sound Healing. 



Carmel believes that it is important to continue to assess that what you are teaching remains cutting edge and relevant. Participants are invited to take part in research projects designed to measure the performance of a program to continue to meet it’s objectives and expected outcomes. Carmel will talk to you about available opportunities when you enroll.

Why Green Frog?

Well, frogs are my most favourite creature. My heart jumps with joy any time I see one. And I particularly love Australian green tree frogs. They are big, very green and smile all the time. They appear serene and peaceful and have a knowing, wise smile, a desirable state for our own lives as humans.

They are very agile, and demonstrate great 'stickability'; able to jump from great heights to the ground and land on the their feet or jump on a wall and even glass with those awesome toe pads.  


They are highly sensitive to their environment. The presence of frogs in your garden is an indicator of a healthy environment. Just as having love and kindness and generosity and compassion in our lives and the world are signs of our own health and a healthy human race. 

Frogs are patient. They will sit and wait for their dinner to come to them, sitting still and just noticing what's happening around them. Sitting still and observing can be a skill that can assist us all to smile like a frog!

Green frogs are very green, a beautiful representative symbol of nature.

Female green tree frogs are much larger, representing the power of the sacred feminine, the qualities that we need to nurture so badly in the world today for business, for leadership, for human survival. 

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