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Accounting for Nature



We are developing an Environmental Account under the Accounting for Nature® (AfN) Framework


The purpose of this Environmental account is to provide regular standardised, scientifically based and reliable information on the condition and trend of relevant environmental assets over time. This outcome enables the tracking and verification of environmental benefits associated with the management activities implemented on the property. The AfN framework is leveraged as a means to achieve this.

Learn more about Forest Farm's Natural Capital Account Project with Accounting for Nature here


Benefits of Accounting for Nature environmental accounts

AfN offers a number of accredited scientific methodologies for creating and measuring accounting standards for critical natural assets.



We have chosen to register a Natural Capital project with AfN using the koala method. 


Koalas frequent the property, make good use of the existing flooded gum and hoop pines in the timber plantations.

The original vegetation transition zones on the property would have been prime koala habitat.

Learn more about Forest Farm's Natural Capital Account Project with Accounting for Nature here

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We acknowledge all First Nations People of this great land, most especially the Nyangbal People of the Bundjalung Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the Country where Forest Farm is located. We celebrate their enduring connection to the land and forests of this beautiful place, recognise their deep knowledge of Country and thank them for caring for this Country for thousands of generations. We acknowledge that First Nations sovereignty was never ceded and recognise this continent always was and always will be First Nations Country. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all First Nations People who arrive at this site.

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