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Weekly Meditation Practice 

We meditate to develop a highly effective regular self care practice. 

Whilst meditation is personal, and practicing regularly (daily if possible) grows our meditation muscles, there’s something very special about practicing with others.

It offers a level of deep connection and expression of positive human qualities that can’t be simulated in our own private personal practice space. It nurtures our own connection to the world.

The Green Frog offers a safe space to practice, no matter what your level of meditation experience. Beginners and long-term meditators are equally welcome.


This is a gathering of people connected by practicing together in a supportive collective.

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What is meditation and what type of meditation does Green Frog practice?

Meditation is a tool that helps we humans to cultivate and develop positive human qualities, so that our experience of the world can be positive.

It is a form of mental training that works in a similar way to learning any skill, such as how to play a musical instrument, or drive a car, or ride a bike.

The Green Frog offers meditation sessions for practicing together to cultivate states of peace, calm, mental wellbeing and qualities of love, kindness, generosity and compassion.

Most times we’ll simply sit and practice in silence. With permission though, sometimes we might try different forms of practice. Such as guided mindful meditation or focused meditation.

Personally, I’ve found that going outside my comfort zone and occasionally doing something different provides that little ‘aha’ moment that moves my own ‘normal’ practice to a deeper level.

This is especially good for beginners who might find that a different form of practice may suit them better. My number 1 aim is to have people meditating. And if what I offer doesn’t suit, I’d rather that you find something that does than to simply leave thinking that meditation is not for you. There’s a meditation style for everyone and I hope to help you find that, because I believe the benefits are so good for you and for the whole of humanity.

Yes, meditation is THAT important!

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“The ultimate reason for meditating is to transform our own experience of the world in order to be better able to transform the world” 


Matthieu Ricard

Why meditate?

Basically, we all need it ….

in our hectic, stressful, everchanging world…

And the world needs it too.

If we have any hope of a better, safer world in which all people are treated with respect and kindness and the planet is to be saved from our destructive ways, then we need to have the opportunity to grow our love, kindness, generosity and compassion muscles, to look after ourselves as best we can.

Green Frog runs courses to foster and cultivate mindfulness and compassion, and meditation is the fundamental tool for locating those values within ourselves and intentionally helping them grow and flourish.

Healthy humans all have the capacity for the compassion, love, kindness and generosity that we need to survive and thrive on our dear planet.


Meditation is the tool that enables us to connect deeply with our own source of these beautiful values so that we can grow and foster them and live by them more often than by our fears and trepidations and suffering.

What happens at Green Frog meditation practice sessions?


You arrive, find a spot and sit - in silence. Each session begins on time with a settling practice, followed by a brief topic talk on an aspect of meditation, a formal meditation practice and finishing with observations of your experience. The meditation practice itself will be 40 to 45 minutes long. Afterwards, I’m sure that people will like to connect and sometimes we’ll arrange an informal gathering for even more connection with your fellow meditators.

The Green Frog is meditating in The Shed at the times listed below and welcomes anyone to join in:

  • Tuesdays 7am

  • Wednesdays 10am and 6pm

Where: Forest Farm, 86 Foresters Way, Tintenbar NSW 2478 

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