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As our community grows around us we have been asked how others can help and so we have decided to offer tree sponsorship.

For us it costs around $10 to grow each tree/grass/shrub etc

This includes caring for the plant from germination through to weeding and watering once it has been planted out. 


If you would like to contribute towards the work we do here please fill out the form below and for every $10 we will grow a tree and care for it. If you are a business or wish to be mentioned as a contributing partner we will contact you after your purchase has been made to get your details.


Thank you for supporting us! 

Nursery trees 1.jpg

Sponsor a tree

Here at Forest Farm we have been working hard to restore the native vegetation communities and provide a safe haven for our Australian wildlife. We have been working with several organisations to help us fund this work through grants. However, a lot of the work being done here is done by us alone. We have a small nursery onsite where we grow our very own plants. 

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