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Forest Farm is a family business

born from a shared dream to

create a place where the earth

and people look after each other

in equal measures.


At Forest Farm, we work to protect the existing forest so that the earth can continue to provide an environment where humans can thrive. We actively regenerate and grow forest to increase our contribution to lower carbon emissions through carbon sequestration.


Set on over 100 hectares of private land in the beautiful Ballina/Byron hinterland, Forest Farm consists of several important eco systems: Rainforests, riparian zones, and dry Sclerophyll.

fence building.jpg
koala food tree's
tree planting.jpg

By catching our own rain water, installing solar, eating a plant based diet and growing our own food we are actively working to do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment. 


By changing the way we live on the earth we can lessen our negative impacts and instead actually become beneficial to the landscape by improving soil and creating habitats for wildlife around us.

We hope to inspire humankind to live as one with the planet

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