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Bangalow Koalas and WWF

Project on-ground start - ?????

It is with great pride and excitement that we are working together with Bangalow Koalas to make sure our vegetation restoration efforts are of great benefit for the struggling local koala populations as well as other wildlife. We do this by ensuring that the plantings we undertake include the primary food and habitat trees which the Koalas need to call a place home.

We have seen koalas on the property on a few occasions over the last couple of years and have heard reports that some of our neighbors have seen koalas both on our property and on adjoining properties.


Bangalow Koalas are amazing at getting trees planted using both contractors and community tree planting days. 

So far with Bangalow Koalas, we have collaborated on three separate sites on the property totaling close to 14Ha. These sites have been previously be used as grazing paddocks and were dominated by exotic pasture grasses. These sites have now been planted with approximately 12500 trees.

baby trees in morning.jpg
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