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Marine Estate Management Strategy

Project on-ground start - November 2019

The focus of this project was aimed specifically at two sections (approx. 900m total) of the Emigrant Creek riparian zone situated on our property. The main goal was to prevent further erosion and sediment run off into the waterway by establishing appropriate native vegetation within the riparian zone.


The first objective was to erect fencing to restrict the cattle from directly accessing the creek. This was done in both sections with the first being permanent fencing and the second section being electric fencing which means as we move towards our aim of phasing cattle off the property in coming years we can remove the electric fencing and there will be minimal remaining barriers for wildlife.


The second objective was to treat all large woody weeds, particularly large camphor laurels and coral trees in the two sections.


The third objective was to prepare, plant and maintain approximately 2000 trees, shrubs and grass species along the riparian zone.

The species of plants were chosen for their abilities to achieve the desired outcomes of preventing erosion and controlling sediment so a number of Lomandra and Carex species were included in the mix for the soil and creek bank holding capacity.

baby trees in morning.jpg
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