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Before Regeneration work commenced

Vegetation restoration at Forest Farm

As is the case for the vast majority of the northern rivers region, this land has seen some intensive agricultural use and cattle grazing since european settlement, as a result there are some large areas of significant degradation.


We put a huge amount of effort into bush and vegetation restoration here and we're passionate and proud of our results. Our goal is to restore the majority of the degraded land on the property back to native vegetation where both flora and fauna and not just survive but hopefully thrive.


We use industry best practice methods to control environmental weeds that pose a direct threat to biodiversity.  


The existing remnant forest areas on this property and adjoining land provides a great seed source and as a result the land displays excellent resilience and potential for natural regeneration. For this reason, we focus primarily on assisted regeneration methods, essentially allowing mother nature to grow the trees she wants courtesy of the birds, and we just help by controlling the weeds.

On occasions however we tackle areas that are seriously degraded so tree plantings become an essential component of the restoration process.


Here at Forest Farm, we are blessed with some beautiful natural areas including remnant rainforest, Sclerophyll and wetland vegetation communities. 

This land never ceases to amaze us with the treasures it holds and the many native plant and animal species it supports.

This sense of amazement and wonder forms the basis of our dedication and drive to support the land in as many ways we can through habitat restoration and regeneration.

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